Principal’s Message

Welcome to Leisure City K-8 Center, home of The Dolphins! Our goal is to spark intellectual curiosity and to create life-long learners in today’s generation, by preparing them to succeed in an international world. The faculty and staff at Leisure City K-8 Center are dedicated to creating a safe, caring and nurturing environment, that facilitates growth and learning. Together, we work to promote active citizenship, self-sustainability and cross-cultural awareness and respect, in order to develop responsible, well-rounded, and civic minded citizens.

We recognize the importance of teaching our students to seize every opportunity that affords them the ability to learn and to grow. Therefore, our students are an intricate part of S.E.A.S., our school’s theme which stands for Successfully Educating All Students.

Our Dolphins are taught that the pursuit of knowledge is vital to both personal and professional growth. They are encouraged to dig deep into their ability to self-motivate and empower themselves. Our Dolphins will seize the day and acquire the skills necessary to navigate the S.E.A.S.!

I look forward to working with our parents, children and community.

Walter C. Hall, Principal